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Everyone has a paranormal story, everyone you talk to no matter if they believe or not. I have talked to so many people and they all have a ghost story to tell me. I listen intently while they talk and the skeptics try to discount what it was they experienced. After they tell me all they need to and after they try to explain it away, I ask them, "so why are you telling me, a ghost hunter, your story" They stop in their tracks and stare at me and say......"I don't know" I never try to to convince anyone that ghosts, spirits exist, you have to experience it yourself is what I will say, but when you experience it, it just might bring you peace of mind that there is more to us than what you see, there is more to the story after death.
As we go about our daily lives we may not realize that we are sharing our space with energies that we can not see. These energies are spiritual beings that have left their physical bodies, they have work to do and that work is to look after us. People have different perceptions of what a ghost or spirit is, some people do not believe in them. Halton Paranormal has had plenty of experience and with the many many hours of researching and investigating we have helped many people realize the spirits of our loved ones return to love and their mission is to help guide us, we just don't listen.
Our energy is our soul, our higher self, it is energy that can not be destroyed or blown out like the flame of a candle. We are all made up of the same energy, a universal energy that drives us. When the physical body dies that energy remains and its the most beautiful, intelligent, Devine source there is. When we leave the body we leave pain, we leave hate, we leave ego behind, we were made from love and we return to love, There are no "bad" ghosts there is only residual energy left behind, the pain, the hate, the ego.
"We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience"    Dr. Wayne Dyer